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So what is involved?

What you will learn and how you achive the qualification

  • What you will learn

    You will cover the following 6 units - adults and young people as Digital Literacy learners; Delivering Digital Literacy; Using learning Technologies, Tools & Techniques; Managing the Digital Literacy learning environment; Assessment of Digital Literacy skills and Refelctive Practice in Digital Literacy delivery.

  • How you will learn & evidence

    The course is designed to immerse you into the world of Digital Literacy. Materials include videos and presentations and you will be set various activites to evidence the course criteria. You will use a range of different ways to present your evidence - sometimes this will be directed and sometimes you can chose which tool or technique you prefer to showcase your learning!

  • Observation

    As this is a Practitioners qualification, your professional practice will need to be observed. Signing up to this programme assumes that you have access to people you can be observed delivering Digital Literacy to - they can be students, colleagues or even clients - the important thing is they exist and are willing to be part of the observation audience!

  • Achieving your Qualification

    Once you have completed all of the activities, produced your evidence and had it assessed, your work will be verified ready for certification with Agored Cymru - you will receive a Digital Certificate in recognition. This course is a regulated qualificaiton at Level 3 within the UK Qualifications & Certifications Framework - taking part in the learning but not evidencing and achieving 100% of the set Assessment Criteria does not give an automatic right to be awarded the qualification. Satisfactory participation can lead to award of a non-accredited Open Badge in recognition of the effort applied should you decide not to work toward achieving the full qualification.

Course curriculum